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Augmented Reality Masterclass at The Great British Business Show

Simon Edridge recently presented a Masterclass on Augmented Reality at the “The Great British Business Show” at the ExCel in London.

Augmented Reality leverages widely available smartphone/tablet technology to overlay interactive digital content onto the real world, providing manufacturers with new ways to engage with their staff and customers. Few are aware that, like its comparatively primitive ancestor the QR code, augmented reality owes its existence to the manufacturing industries. More than a trigger, Augmented Reality offers a relatively inexpensive digital heads up display that has an enormous number of applications for manufacturers, i.e. in the field with engineers carrying out maintenance and repairs together with product instructions and best practice.

The workshop briefly traced the history of Augmented Reality and discussed the possibilities of current and future advances of this unique technology for manufacturing.

It was our aim that by the end of the session delegates were able to:

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