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Emailers, email templates, enewsletters, … there’s more to this Kent-based agency than design

eMarketing gives you the power of the internet at its best. Instant, responsive, interactive and inexpensive, it also lets you target your customer and message with pin-point precision. As such it’s a powerful tool for a marketing agency!

SEA and eMarketing

At SEA we believe good eMarketing should be relevant as well as engaging. It should answer a question, solve a problem, or meet a need in some way. That’s why we spend so much time finding out what you do and what you’re best at, before we devise an eMarketing campaign that plays exactly to your strengths.

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What is eMarketing?

eMarketing (also known as digital or online marketing) is chiefly the sending of emails and e-newsletters to a database of people who either use or are interested in your product or service. You may already have a list of email addresses, or as your agency we can source good, current databases for you.

What makes eMarketing so powerful?

It’s powerful because you can fine tune and filter the message or offer you send out to different customers. And by sending people emails they actually find useful and want to receive, you build better relationships with your customers.

Is it expensive?

No. eMarketing is one of the least expensive forms of marketing. We can design you a branded email template, which you can use to write and send emails whenever required, or one of our copywriting team can write your emails and e-newsletters for you – it’s up to you.

Is eMarketing hard sell?

Not at all. The best email marketing doesn’t simply sell a product or service, it offers advice, news, tips and hints on upcoming events. Good eMarketing promotes your brand as a wise head or a helping hand – not someone that’s only interested in sales.

Let’s talk

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