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The Importance of Clear Branding

Branding is More than Just a Logo It’s your website, your social presence, your values and everything that makes your organisation unique and special. Without clear branding and a strong brand message, you can’t expect your organisation to flourish. Creating a clear and meaningful brand takes time but that doesn’t mean it should be pushed aside. Before all else, you should consider what you want your brand to say about your business. This helps to…

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8 Ways You Could be Harming your Organisation’s Image

As a business, your image is important. Whether you’re a multinational company or a local SME it’s all too quick and easy to ruin that positive and friendly image. Here are eight ways that you could be sabotaging your organisation, without even realising it. You’re not updating your website It’s very easy to fall into the trap of not updating your website content, especially if you are a small organisation. When your main focus is…

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