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How to create an impact with school photography

The power of photography is undeniable. Imagery can capture the essence of your school and help tell your story in a way that words alone cannot. But have you ever really wondered what your images say about your school? You may have a lovely smiley student working in the foreground. He's talking to the teacher and is clearly engaged with the lesson. But what about the students in the background - are they hunched over…

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The secret to improving your school website – audit your site today

Find out if your school website passes the test! Improve your web experience by following our top tips for content that you really should be including on your website. Our easy-to-use checklist will help you highlight what's missing on your site. You may even be surprised to find that certain information is more difficult to find than it should be. Our free School Website Audit also includes a checklist for some basic website best practice…

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Getting your school website ready for an Ofsted inspection

From our work with schools and colleges in the South East over the last 30 years, we understand it's one of the busiest working environments out there - it's hardly surprising that some duties can get put off for another day. But making sure your school website is up to date and offering the correct information is not only a legal requirement, it's part of the criteria Ofsted use during inspections. The Department for Education…

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Updating your website copy: how your new CMS could have hidden costs

We’re all sold on having a Content Management System (CMS) – in this day and age, being able to edit your website content in-house is a must and thankfully the rigmarole of having to go back to the agency who built your website every time you want a minor content change is over. In fact, “will I be able to update it myself?” is one of the main questions we get asked by clients when…

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