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Great landing pages and how to create them

Are you in need of driving more online traffic to your website? Traffic in the form of internet users that not only spend time looking at your site but also engage with your site. You need great landing pages! Targeted traffic is hard to attract but even harder to captivate and lead towards goal conversion. Whilst an interesting user experience, simple navigation and engaging content are high priority elements, the most important factor should be…

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Responsive web design – why it’s important

Over the years, mobile usage online has been steadily growing. According to mobile marketing statistics, it has now overtaken desktop as the leading method of searching the web. This has given mobile marketing strategy an even bigger focus, with more and more businesses looking for responsive web design to meet the needs of their users. What is mobile being used for? Mobile is not far off taking over web browsing. From updating social media profiles…

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The ultimate website health check for businesses

You can now download your FREE COPY of our Website Health Check (PDF, 222 KB). This includes a comprehensive checklist of all the content you should be including on your website, along with some basic web best practice health checks. Why you need to take the audit First impressions matter. Within milliseconds of landing on your site, web users make a judgement about what your company has to offer and if it's right for them.…

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