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The secret to improving your school website – audit your site today

Find out if your school website passes the test!

Improve your web experience by following our top tips for content that you really should be including on your website.

Our easy-to-use checklist will help you highlight what’s missing on your site. You may even be surprised to find that certain information is more difficult to find than it should be.

Our free School Website Audit also includes a checklist for some basic website best practice guidelines. If your website is not conforming to best practice, it could be damaging the perception of your school brand.

Audit your school website today with our free checklist:

Free school website audit (PDF, 192 KB)

This document compliments our ‘Getting your school website ready for Ofsted’ guidelines (PDF, 192 KB).

If you have any questions about the audit, or need advice on how to improve your website, get in touch by emailing