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The Importance of Clear Branding

Branding is More than Just a Logo

It’s your website, your social presence, your values and everything that makes your organisation unique and special.

Without clear branding and a strong brand message, you can’t expect your organisation to flourish.

Creating a clear and meaningful brand takes time but that doesn’t mean it should be pushed aside.

Before all else, you should consider what you want your brand to say about your business. This helps to create brand recognition and is one of the main things that will set you apart from your competitors.

Before you even consider creating an advertising or marketing campaign for your company, you must consider your brand.

Find your Voice

Alongside displaying your unique qualities, clear branding promotes motivation and a sense of direction for your staff.

If you want your business to pride itself on unique customer service, then your staff members should reflect that. If your ideologies are clear to your staff, then they will be clear to your customers.

There’s much to be said about the links between clear branding and the expansion of clientele. Whilst online and print advertising is extremely effective, one of the best ways to grow your customer base is still by word of mouth.

Customers enjoy sharing information about brands they like with their network and these recommendations can do far more for your business than website advertising or an ad in the local newspaper – delivering the highest standards of customer care, nurturing relationships and generating referrals are of critical importance.

Generating Trust

It’s all about making an impact and the trust that is generated from this. Customers cannot and will not endorse your organisation if your brand is unclear or your message is muddled.

Mixed messages are especially detrimental for charitable and educational organisations, as the subjects of trust and clarity are crucial to their success. Securing that trust helps your customers connect to your organisation on a more emotional level.

No matter what sector you’re in, purchasing a product or service is an emotional experience and you need to make customers feel emotionally positive about your brand.

If someone experiences pleasure when they come face to face with your business, they are far more likely to buy from you again or share their positive experiences with others.

Persuasive, clear branding is what ties a customer’s trust and positive experiences together. So ensure that your company is sending out a positive message on all mediums.

Creating a Theme

Take a look at your website, your social media accounts and your printed marketing – do they all tell the same story?

A clear brand starts with a strong idea but it’s the effective implementation of this idea that will ensure your success. If your company’s online and offline presence isn’t neatly tied together, then your branding isn’t clear.

Unique and varied content is important to keep customers interested, but there needs to be a theme running throughout your brand marketing if there is to be any clarity in your message and appearance.

Taking the time to consider both the aesthetical and emotional side of your brand is the first step of your exciting journey to develop a brand that makes a difference.

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