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The Benefits of Creating a Multi-Platform Business Campaign

In the modern world, your organisation must be diverse when delivering marketing and advertising campaigns.

With such a fragmented audience, a business cannot just market goods in one area or through one medium. Instead, they must look to multiple outlets to get what they want.

This multidimensional thought process is especially beneficial if you are a local business, as your outreach will not be as great as most national companies.

Making the Most of What you Have

As an SME, you might believe that budget limitations stop you from advertising and marketing products over a number of platforms. However, this isn’t always true and you can still make an impact if more cost effective avenues are explored.

There’s a range of ways to utilise the internet and in particular, social media, to market and create a buzz for your business and because many of these options are low cost, they are a very powerful tool in your campaigns.

Nonetheless, a successful campaign isn’t all about saving money.

Using diverse platforms allows you to get to know your customers and this should be a priority, no matter what industry you’re in.

Smart Organisations will do their Research

Getting to grips with the different ways your audience consumes content is the first step in creating a successful multi-platform marketing campaign. If you’re not sure where to begin, try asking yourself these questions.

By taking the time to reassess and re-evaluate your customer base, you can begin to target people on different platforms.

Create Fluidity in your Campaigns

Multi-platform campaigns are an excellent way to generate new business but only if you’re doing them right.

Unfortunately, these campaigns aren’t just as simple as advertising and marketing on different mediums. The successful ones work so well because they are fluid, interlinked and because the organisation has done their research.

Effective marketing campaigns build upon each other over different platforms – mixed messages are messy and do nothing to strengthen the identity of your brand.

As the phrase suggests, these mediums only offer another platform for you to market on, how well the campaign performs is dependent on a range of factors.

They Create Versatility

Another benefit of using multiple platforms in your campaign is the marketing versatility it offers you. A great way to get customers interacting with different areas of your business is to use offers on print to entice people onto your social media sites.

‘Follow us to win, like us on Facebook to find out more, tag us on Instagram for a free…’

Successful companies use these methods all the time to generate new leads on their websites or to entice people out of their homes and into their businesses.

Without the use of multiple online and printed mediums, none of this would be possible. That’s why multi-platform campaigns are so beneficial to your business.

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