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How to create an impact with school photography

The power of photography is undeniable. Imagery can capture the essence of your school and help tell your story in a way that words alone cannot.

But have you ever really wondered what your images say about your school?

You may have a lovely smiley student working in the foreground. He’s talking to the teacher and is clearly engaged with the lesson. But what about the students in the background – are they hunched over the desk? What about uniform – do they have nail varnish on when they shouldn’t? And are the surroundings clean and tidy – is the corner of the desk chipped or is there some writing on it?

Great photography is all about the detail and the key to getting it right is in the planning.

Make the right impression by downloading your free copy of our ‘How to Plan your School Photography’ toolkit (PDF, 216 KB).

Bespoke School Photography Services

If you’re looking at updating your school images, why not get in touch? Our photographers are fully CRB checked and have heaps of experience in directing school photo-shoots, details of which we’d be happy to share.