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Getting your school website ready for an Ofsted inspection

From our work with schools and colleges in the South East over the last 30 years, we understand it’s one of the busiest working environments out there – it’s hardly surprising that some duties can get put off for another day.

But making sure your school website is up to date and offering the correct information is not only a legal requirement, it’s part of the criteria Ofsted use during inspections.

The Department for Education recently updated the requirements for what maintained schools must publish online.

To make things easier, we’ve developed the guidelines into a handy checklist. So don’t delay, download the form and check your website is up-to-date.

Download our quide to getting your website Ofsted ready (PDF, 192 KB)

Please note that if you’re an academy or free school, you need to check your funding agreement to find out what you should publish on your website, but these guidelines should still provide a relevant framework.