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7 Advertising Methods to Take your Organisation Further

Finding the right type of advertising medium to suit the needs of your business can be a tricky task.

Whilst all forms of advertising are effective in their own way, it’ll come as no surprise that some types are better suited to certain organisations than others.

You might have a favourite but the most effective way to advertise your company’s services is to combine multiple forms of advertising, to ensure your products reach a wider market.

Take a look at these seven advertising mediums and see what you can do take your business further.

Social Media

Vast and diverse, social media can benefit all organisations if used correctly but your approach must be targeted.

Even if your product or service is aimed at an older generation of users, it still makes sense to take advantage of social media sites – after all, they’re free to use and give you another way to interact with your customers.

The content on each site should be varied, because most customers will have access to multiple social media platforms. However, it is beneficial to have a common link or theme running throughout, to encourage users to interact with you on multiple levels.

Remember: This link will also promote brand consistency and help you to deliver a clear message.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising has fallen out of favour over recent years but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective.

The types of advertising you elect to use should be primarily chosen because of where your customers are. For example, schools and builder’s merchants would potentially benefit from advertising their services through radio, to target working parents and skilled labourers on the road.

Radio ads need to be kept simple. A clear piece of radio script that is short and to the point will do more for your organisation than a 30 second ad stuffed full of unnecessary detail.

A strong call to action, a phone number or preferably a website that encourages a customer to find out more is crucial to an adverts success.

Event and Exhibition

Advertising your business at an event is a tricky one and can take a lot of time and effort on the part of those attending. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let that put you off as events and exhibitions can help you to reap big rewards over the long term.

Events are the perfect way to advertise your products to other businesses. The setting gives you the opportunity to meet with potential clients and build a more personal relationship.

You’ll want to have an elevator style pitch ready at all times. This will allow you to tell a potential client everything they need to know about your product and your business in around 30 seconds.

Advertising quickly and effectively is the key to securing future sales.


There are four steps in creating a newspaper advertisement that is targeted and highly effective.

  1. An attention grabbing headline.
  2. A clear, easy to read font.
  3. Short, sharp sentences with key information and contact details.
  4. An eye catching design that reflects your business.

You want to sell your product to a customer but overloading them with what you believe to be important information is often counterproductive. Clarity is the most important part of newspaper advertising and this can be achieved through a combination of these four elements.

Making it easy for customers to find and contact you is seriously important with newspaper adverts, otherwise they will simply turn the page.

Website Advertising

Website advertising is another way to promote your business online but it comes at a higher cost. Paid advertising has proven to be effective at driving traffic towards your website but only if it is used correctly.

It’s important not to fall into the trap of paying for advertising, then ruining your ROI by using key terms that are too broad.

Long tail keywords that are specifically used by your customers and potential customers are far more likely to generate hits than broader key terms used by the general public. Sites like Facebook and Google Adwords offer paid advertising options that allow you to target potential customers.

What site you use will ultimately be decided by two things: your budget and where you are most likely to benefit from the ads.

Out of Home (OOH)

If it’s within your budget, out of home (OOH) advertising can be an incredibly effective tool.

OOH allows you to target your audience based on specific demographic. Age, gender and the social mobility of an area can all play a part in determining where to put your OOH ads. However, you can also examine trends and patterns to target new areas before anyone else.

Whether its billboards or buses OOH can provide you with a range of benefits:


Advertising goods or services via email is an excellent choice if you already have access to a large customer database. Alongside e-marketing campaigns, those sign-ups can be used specifically for advertising new products that you think customers may be interested in.

Utilising the resources you already have is a great way to save money and whilst cutting costs is important for all business owners, it can be especially advantageous if you’re an SME or start-up.

Whether it’s a new line of goods or a limited-time special offer, email is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to reach your customers on a range of devices.

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