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5 Ways to Improve Lead Generation on your Website

Turning those site visitors into customers is a tricky task for any business. Not only do you need to grab a person’s initial interest, you also need to keep them on your site long enough to engage with your product or service. Every potential customer is different and not everyone will respond to your content in the same say. Nonetheless, there are a number of different things that you can try to improve lead generation on your website.

Contact forms on every page

If a customer decides that they like the look of the services you offer, you’ll have a limited amount of time to get them on board. Whilst some visitors will be adamant on contacting you no matter what, others may click off of your site if you can’t be easily reached. Contact forms give website users a gentle but constant reminder that if they wish to, they can get in touch with you quickly and easily.

Contact forms are an excellent way of improving lead generation on your site but only if they’re short. Forms that ask for minimal information are more likely to create leads than those that want lots of personal details all at once. Getting the balance right can make all the difference.

Use photo testimonials to increase credibility

You know that you’re good at what you do but how do potential customers know that? Testimonials, especially those with photographs, are the perfect way to reassure customers that they are dealing with a credible organisation. A breakdown of the project, how your company tackled the issue and a glowing statement from a happy customer all go a long way to improve lead generation on your site.

Like most copy, testimonials should be short and easy to follow. Site visitors want to know why they should choose you but most don’t want to trawl through hundreds of paragraphs to find out. If you don’t have testimonials on your site, then you’re missing out on potential leads.

Don’t forget your calls to action

A strong call to action is more powerful than you might think. A great piece of copy can do much to inspire a site visitor but it’s the call to action that will motivate them to contact you.

Powerful and commanding phrases such as ‘get in touch’ or ‘talk to us’ encourage a potential customer to jump at an opportunity and take swift action. Strong calls to action are particularly important if you want to make a customer aware of a limited offer your business is running. Phrases like ‘only two days left to take advantage’ or ‘limited offer get in touch today’ are often used in this instance. What your call involves will depend on what you’re advertising – just be sure that it’s short, sharp and powerful.

Harness the power of the user focused video

Lots of businesses use videos and tutorials to offer visitors useful advice about their products and for the most part, it is a great tool. Nonetheless, if you want to use the power of video to turn site visitors into leads you’ll need to take on a more user focussed approach.

You can achieve this approach by directly speaking to your customers, rather than at them. User focussed videos should be friendly and informative, not just another sales or marketing pitch. This approach has an excellent conversion rate for a number of different industries and could be just what you need if you’re looking for a new user-centred approach for your website.

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Test, test and test again

Ultimately, the best way to improve lead generation on your website is to make yourself aware of visitor behaviour. Every business is unique and using tools and software such as Google Analytics will help you to understand what works best for your organisation. Analytical tools can not only help you to improve you current site but are a great tool for testing new design and SEO changes, before you make them site wide.

Continual testing is a fantastic way to find out what works for your business, but these best practices are an important starting point for any organisation.

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