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Siegrist Orel – Website

As a long-standing client of SEA’s it was natural for Siegrist Orel to ask us to produce a new website for them. Although launched some time ago, the stylish design and functionality of the site still makes it a great sales tool for Siegrist Orel and the client is extremely satisfied with the performance of the site with regards to return on investment and ongoing number of enquiries.
As you’d expect since the site was published we have updated the site with various features to accommodate the developments at Siegrist Orel. The main addition to the site was the introduction of five languages all easily updated from the content management system.

Visit the live site at:

Over the years we have created various other marketing components including product and department branding, copywriting, stunning product photography, PR support, packaging design, corporate brochures, presentation documents, leaflets and also the design and layout of their international exhibitions.