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NHS UK Project Management Campaign

NHS Project Futures was set up to support project and change professionals and practitioners in the NHS. This is a programme of initiatives to support the development of project professionals, achieve consistent standards and competencies aligned to the professional bodies, similar to the capability that the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) provides for finance professionals.

Detailed in this case study is the background to the creation of the work.

Vision: Attract, develop and retain project professionals and practitioners to ensure the NHS has the capacity and capability to deliver sustainable change for the benefit of patients.

We worked closely with NHS Project Futures with the development of their brand.  The initial concepts were based around UK regions and aligning those with the approved NHS colour pallet.  We devised the horizon to represent the future and the graphic nodules to represent eight regions.

Once the brand was created and launched, we then developed the comms campaign with an extensive role out programme.

This work was not only to introduce the programme, but to engage long term with the designated audience. It was also to support an extensive agenda for the Project Futures inhouse team.

The work included:

  1. Brand Creation and roll out programme
  2. Introductory Infographics and presentation tool kits
  3. Information Documents and literature
  4. Network – UK, regular virtual meetings, promotion and supporting components
  5. Newsletters – quarterly, multipage, covering UK
  6. Events – hybrid but principally online
  7. Podcasts & Webinars – production and promotion
  8. Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube


We have detailed here a summary of various components to give an overview of the brand and how it is used.  A separate document is available covering a more in-depth review.


It was agreed to initially inform key influencers within the NHS Project Profession. As part of the start of the campaign meetings were set up with Directors and senior managers. One to One and team presentations were scheduled, with Infographics developed to communicate specific information bearing in mind the short time frame.

Detailed here is an example of the messaging and a sense of in the order and the overall agenda that needed to be conveyed.


As part of the communication process – either for specific meetings, online events or with the many introductions that were taking place – it was deemed necessary to have information documents to forward about the Project Futures Programme.  It was also important to have supporting literature for the growing Champions and Ambassador networks which were developing.  Two versions were created to cover the varied requirement – 2-page summary and a more detailed 8-page document.


The foundation of the Project Futures Programme was based on establishing a national network. It was a key component in ensuring project managers through-out the NHS had a ‘local’ network to work with and rely on – meet colleagues with the same issues and needs. Be part of a ‘tribe’ both nationally and at the grass roots. Regional Networks developed and meetings take place monthly with a local agenda but with messaging of what’s happening at the national level. The ‘conversation’ at the regional meetings influences the national agenda.

Below is a UK Map graphic displaying the designated regions and regional leads who manage them.

Also displayed are graphics which were developed for the Champion & Ambassador campaign – these specifically are used for an email footer designation and an enamelled lapel badge. This specific campaign supports many aspects of the overall communications. More information on recruitment and ongoing agenda’s for this initiative is available.


Regular communication to the growing audience was considered to be a main consideration when trying to develop the Project Futures programme. The Update is produced quarterly and has a format which includes regular features and articles from a national and regional perspective. The audience is keen to hear about other regions. The Coaching Corner is popular, as are features covering relevant Case Studies/Lessons Learned. There are always articles on training and development. Special features from Emotional Intelligence to Mindfulness are included.


The Project Futures Programme was launched in Leeds 2018. Over 100 delegates supported the inaugural event. Since then, specifically because of COVID but also because of the nature of the Regional Network and restrictions on budget, an online digital platform has been developed and utilised. The annual event schedule is varied but covers a multi-day event and quarterly 1 day events. The agendas are exciting, informative and attract international speakers and a wide audience.