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Blaze Signs

Blaze Signs is a recognised as one of the leading European signage groups.

They have an enviable reputation for satisfying demanding clients by delivering successful projects through a combination of craftsmanship, professionalism and service.

Blaze contacted us to leverage this positive postion to win greater market share. They wanted to expand into other relevant commercial sectors by approaching the market with fresh and compelling messages.

Our intention was to identify a diversity of promotional opportunities, suggest creative recommendations linked to a considered strategy and deliver effective communication collateral to realise the above ambition.

SEA worked with Blaze to discover their true voice, with a dynamic creative direction which ultimately led to a compelling statement on their behalf.

Corporate Flagship Brochure

We produced a new corporate flagship Brochure.

It also included features such as a timeline and heritage case histories which helped to endorse integrity and authority.

The ‘flagship’ brochure presents itself as an impressive corporate overview of Blaze Signs. We undertook new photography, which addressed the overarching initial questions of competence, experience, capacity, integrity and professionalism – the core value messages.

Case Study Summary

This is a single project with the Blaze sales team. It included many aspects from research, concept development, original photography, content creation, production and print. The paper selected together with the lamination specification was within the remit of the project. We would be happy to provide further details if required.