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Xcel Power Systems – Manufacturing & Engineering

SEA specialises in marketing for the manufacturing and engineering sector, and one such client is XCEL Power Systems in Ashford, Kent. Over the years we have developed various marketing components for them, including:

Display Graphics – SEA have designed and produced interior display posters to add interest to the reception area. Framed in acrylic and mounted to the walls, these durable panels help to theme the area and reinforce the brand. We have also developed exhibition graphics using a portable system specifically designed to be used in a variety of space restrictions with different flexible configurations to suit the space.

Specific Product Marketing – SEA assisted with the development of a four page product brochure, advertisement and bespoke product packaging for XCEL’s 3V series equipment. Focussing on communicating the unique features and benefits of the product, SEA designed, artworked, printed and produced these materials to coincide with the product launch.

Print Collateral – SEA have created an eight page folder with a suite of inserts as well as corporate letterhead. Imagery has always played a large part in our designs for XCEL and due to the nature of the harsh environments the products are used in and the difficulty of showing the products in action, images are carefully researched and selected from image libraries.