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Sittingbourne Community College – Design

SEA have been working with the team at Sittingbourne Community College for over ten years to produce their prospectus, over which time, the look and feel has evolved within the parameters of the corporate identity. Most recently, we have undertaken a main school and sixth form prospectus redesign, with the clients selecting their preferred creative out of a range of options. The account management team worked closely with the school to organise copy and images, which were taken by our in-house photographer. The imagery played a central role in conveying educational opportunities and student engagement throughout the prospectus.

For the print, we decided to use a quality uncoated stock, which gives a modern and tactile finish. The resulting prospectuses have been well received by staff and students.

As part of our relationship with the school, we opened up a conversation about how they engage with feeder schools and prospective pupils. Whilst the presentations and dialogue were very strong, we felt the school would benefit from a visual presentation aid and as such went on to design a flexible display system. Thinking about the script and how it could be brought to life, we created a video panel and a magnetised panel for further interaction with the students. The look and feel of the display complements the prospectus and can also be used as a generic presentation stand for other purposes.

Preview the Sittingbourne Community College main school prospectus on page turning software.

Preview the Sittingbourne Community College sixth form prospectus on page turning software.