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Gaby Hardwicke – Design

Gaby Hardwicke, a large firm of solicitors based in the coastal towns of East Sussex, were looking for a marketing partner to create and manage an advertising campaign for the family law department. SEA were fortunate to be referred to Gaby Hardwicke and as such were invited to tender. Our proposal and subsequent presentations were successful and we have since been implementing the campaign.

As a new client, SEA immersed ourselves in the project, getting to know key staff members and understanding the commonalities and differences across the various offices. The client was able to supply substantial data and historic contextual data for us to consider when shaping our recommendations.

Although the family law department encompass a variety of services, it was decided that the campaign should focus on divorce. Of course, SEA recognised the sensitivity of this subject matter and set about creating design ideas for a distinctive, yet discreet advertising campaign. We divided the year’s activity into three phases, so that the creative could evolve to add interest and suit specific seasons or events within those periods.

A subtle advertising campaign was created, focussing on the ‘… we should talk’ message to open a line of dialogue. The advertisements are ran to a media schedule, including outdoor billboards and posters, busbacks, press and magazine publications.

During the campaign, the client had a number of enquiries which are currently undergoing the conversion process.

As part of the relationship, we also supported the client with display, seminar and promotional design ideas and proposals. In addition, an early recommendation was to increase their reach by setting up ‘mobile’ offices in surrounding areas, with an initial pilot scheme proving successful.