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P & B Metals – Video & Animation

P&B Metals are a global manufacturer of metal components with offices in Whitstable, Sheffield and Malaysia.

Having worked with the client for a number of years, we were approached by P&B to storyboard and produce a corporate video, which was subsequently translated into five languages. This involved reviewing a number of voice-over artist show reels in order to find the right ‘voice’ for P&B. As part of this process we also created five mini process videos which are featured on the relevant pages of their website to improve dwell times and in turn, search engine optimisation.

View the P & B Metals video here.

SEA have also created rendered product images, so that prospective clients can review the minute details on these metal components at 360°. Animations of key processes have also been produced. These are showcased on the website and can also be used in presentations.

Over the years, we have worked on various marketing components for P&B; including their website, corporate brochures, product brochures, branding, photography, recruitment brochures, translations, desktop calendars and employee surveys.