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KATO – Education

Kent Association of Training Organisations (KATO), have had significant growth in the last few years and the team at SEA have enjoyed being part of the journey and creating bespoke materials for the various campaigns and initiatives during this time.

Starting with branding and strapline, SEA were keen to develop a brand that resonated with both the training providers belonging to KATO and the young people looking to source training and apprenticeship opportunities. The agreed brand was subsequently rolled out and heavily informed the marketing components we were tasked with creating. From stationery to websites to PR, over the years we have created a comprehensive suite of materials for the client.

As part of the relationship, it was necessary to garner information directly from KATO’s training provider members and of course, when we’re representing a client’s brand, professionalism is critical. On a number of occasions, the SEA team liaised with the training providers, assisting them where necessary and collating the data provided with regards to their training offer.

Above and beyond the day to day marketing materials needed to successfully communicate the KATO brand, SEA have worked on a number of initiatives for KATO, such as:

Apprenticeship Information Ambassador – an initiative to provide free, impartial advice regarding apprenticeships to young people, parents, schools and intermediaries. SEA created the branding and a suite of materials including leaflet, display, workshop delegate folder and inserts, and name badges.

Time to do it roadshows – working alongside key partners, KATO delivered roadshows to provide guidance to young people and their parents about the options available for further study. Posters, leaflets, advertisements and prize draw cards were created for each roadshow.

Kent 2021 – each year, KATO would work in partnership with Kent County Council and training providers to establish an ‘apprenticeship zone’ at the Kent 2021 exhibition. SEA assisted with planning and management, including designing and dressing the area, planning the itinerary for the day and creating and producing display and promotional materials. Working to a budget and deadline, SEA created detailed plans and concepts, including ideas for display graphics, promotional items and literature focussing on the features and benefits for businesses taking on young people as an apprentices. One of the challenges throughout the work with KATO and other apprenticeship providers was to challenge outdated perceptions and we found that by using real apprenticeship champions and advocates we could easily communicate what bright, young talent was available. A successful recommendation was to have a number of young apprentice candidates helping out on the day of the event. Known as the ‘A Team’, the young people assisted other stall holders with their stands, handed out branded water and gave out leaflets, etc. From designing and printing ‘A Team’ clothing so our ‘helpers’ were easily identifiable, organising a text number for businesses to request assistance and managing the team on the day, SEA had the details covered. Many compliments were received regarding the behaviour of the students and apprenticeship placements pledged by businesses on the day.