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Gaby Hardwicke – Advertising & Media

Following a successful tender and pitching process, SEA worked in partnership with Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors to develop an advertising campaign to promote their family law department.

The process started with an immersion meeting to help our core team fully understand the legal landscape and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From this, we researched appropriate media channels and created a multi-media advertising plan for the year, including radio, press, regional magazines, busbacks, outdoor posters and billboards, with budget planning and careful negotiation with media agencies on behalf of the client.

It was agreed that the advertising campaign should stem around divorce services. From reviewing historic client data, a continuous media campaign was booked with heavier focus at campaign launch and in January, when divorce enquiries are higher.

Our creative team worked on initial design concepts for the advertisements, considering the sensitivity of the message. The chosen design centred around ‘we should talk’ as a call to action, complemented by conceptual, bespoke photography. During the year, the campaign ran with three phrases, subtly changing the imagery, colour and copy within the theme to keep the advertisements fresh and seasonal.

During the campaign, the client had a number of enquiries which are currently undergoing the conversion process.

We also supported the client with other services, including internal enquiry handling protocols to aid conversion of enquiries.