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Pine & Things – Retail

Having worked with a number of Kent’s leading home furnishing stores, we understand that encouraging footfall and financial targets are critical to the success of the organisation.

Our work with retailers usually stems around promotion of key sales events on radio, TV and in press advertisements.

SEA worked with Pine and Things regularly throughout the year to plan for and market their sales, including design and artwork of advertisements and scriptwriting, storyboarding and production of radio and TV advertisements, including management of and submission to media. Due to retail legislation, careful consideration was given to the language used, in order to be granted the appropriate licenses for transmission.

Over the years, SEA has also supported Pine and Things with branding development and signage.

As a holistic agency, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the marketing collateral we produce, and therefore discuss aspects of customer service, visual merchandising and store layout, brand perception and data collection as part of the relationship.